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    Join the Past is Present
    Genealogy Photo Challenge 


    Bring out your smartphone camera and dust-off your digital point-and-shoot!

    It's time for the Genealogy Photo Challenge for World Photo Day 2014. Once again, The Family Curator challenges genealogists and family historians to celebrate World Photo Day by combining the past and present in a single photograph -- recreate an old photo, merge past and present Dear Photograph style, or present a Then and Now retrospective. 

    It's easy to participate. . .Read more. . .

    Create a Reproduction Heirloom Book

    I tried out several different online photo book companies to write "Dear Diaries" for the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Family Tree Magazine. You can flip through the digital versions of Col. Maynard N. Levenick's Desert Maneuvres and my Aunt Franny's Food Notebook here.

    I'd love to hear about your own reproduction books too. Leave a comment or question in the Forum or drop me an email.

    Heirloom, Keepsake, or Trash?

    To my sons, 
    a pirate chest is way more cool 
    than a cracked Bauer bowl.

     Seems like lately I’m thinking about more than just “the archives.” It’s not just the boxes of inherited papers and photos that need to be preserved and stored. I also need to do something with the “stuff” that’s too big for boxes and too special to throw away.

    What’s the difference, if any, between a keepsake and an heirloom?
    Read More . . . 

    Streamlined Scanning with a Genealogy Photo Workflow

    Professional photographers call it a “workflow," but it's really just a “routine.” It’s the standard order of doing things that results in getting things done. Routines work. You don't have to use Adobe Lightroom or any particular photo organizing or editing software to get the benefit of a genealogy scanning workflow. Whether you use Photoshop Elements, XnView, iPhoto, Picasa, or Flickr to organize and store your photos, a consistent procedure for scanning, file naming, tagging, and editing will make your photo work run smoother and faster.Most family historians have experienced the frustrating situation where a relative shows us a photo or document, but is reluctant to let the item out of their hands to be scanned or photocopied.  Read more...

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