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    Bring The Family Curator to Your Next Genealogy Event!

    Hello, I'm Denise May Levenick, aka The Family Curator, and I inherited "the stuff" that holds our family's memories. I know it can be challenging to organize and preserve boxes of  family photos, scrapbooks, and assorted memorabilia. My presentations are designed to help family historians learn to confidently manage family collections and use family keepsakes to further their research. Each lecture is illustrated with a lively slideshow and handouts, and followed by ample time for individual questions and answers.

    View the list of Topics below, and Contact Me for further information or booking.

    Preserving the Past: Archiving and Digitizing for Family Historians

    Overview of preservation and digitization techniques for family historians. Includes best practices for archival storage and fundamentals of digitization and scanning family history papers. 

    Focus: Preservation, Digitization
    Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    Most Requested!

    Caring for Keepsakes: Top 10 Family Treasures

    Learn how to care for the Top Ten Family Treasures from photographs to furniture, from love letters to lockets, clocks, and Bibles.  Learn to identify common hazards such as silverfish, mold, acid migration, and how to set up a simple Home Archive to safely store your heirlooms. 

    Focus: Preservation, Digitization
    Skill Level: All
    Most Requested!

    How to Scan an Elephant: Digitize Your Family History - NEW!

    Go beyond the flatbed scanner to digitize awkward artifacts and oversize items. Discover apps, accessories, and expert tips to get better results from traditional scanners, digital cameras, and mobile devices.

    Focus: Preservation, Digitization
    Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

    The Paper-Less Genealogist

    Simple strategies to break the paper habit, file less paper, and organize what you keep. Learn the best scanner for your needs, basic scanner settings for genealogists, file-naming for easy retrieval, and baby steps to help you move toward managing less paper. 

    Focus: Digitization, Organization.
    Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

    The Frugal Curator

    Archival storage doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Discover practical DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solutions that will save you time and money as you organize and store your family treasures. See how to make a family history time capsule for your next family reunion or event.

    Focus: Preservation and Sharing
    Skill Level: All

    Secrets in the Attic: Break Down Brick Walls With Home Sources

    Solve genealogical mysteries with clues in family sources. Examine and evaluate family photos, albums, letters, scrapbooks, and memorabilia for clues that can solve brick wall problems and add rich details to your ancestors’ lives. This presentation features a popular case study that illustrates how family photos and documents can solve tough research questions.

    Focus: Research, Methodology
    Skill Level: All


    Interactive Workshops

    Paper or Plastic? Preserving Keepsakes Workshop – 90 minutes

    Bring your questions to this hands-on workshop and learn best practices for preserving your family keepsakes. Try out storage options; select the best containers for your artifacts; hands-on practice making archival enclosures.

    Heirloom Roadshow – 60-90 minutes

    Attendees are invited to submit their keepsake challenges to The Family Curator to be featured in this interactive presentation where you’ll learn the best way to rescue, preserve, and archive your family heirlooms.


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