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    Buried under
    mountains of memorabilia?

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    Genealogy Book

    The Family Curator

    2010 & 2011
    Family Tree Magazine's
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    Denise Levenick

    Denise Levenick

    "I'm passionate about preserving family keepsakes"

    Denise inherited a trunk filled with her grandmother's keepsakes sparking a quest to learn how to organize and create a family home archive. She is now the caretaker of several family collections and researches her family tree with stories from the archives.

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    • Organize your loved one's estate and keeps peace in your family
    • Digitize heirloom and research documents
    • Break the paper habit and organize your genealogy
    • How to Archive Family Keepsakes gives you step-by-step advice to organize, preserve and share family heirlooms.
    • charts
    • resources
    • checkpoints
    • 208 pages

    Family Curator book

    Reviews & Comments

    In How to Archive Family Keepsakes, Denise Levenick has created an amazing reference for anyone who has inherited a collection of family letters, documents and personal items. For family historians and genealogists, this is an essential guide for organizing and managing the family archive.

    --Denise Olson 
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