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    In every family, someone ends up with “the stuff.” It is the goal of The Family Curator to inspire, enlighten, and encourage other family curators in their efforts to preserve and share their own family treasures.

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    Blog Book Tour Visits 4YourFamilyStories: Scanner Options for Genealogists

    How to Archive Family Keepsakes Blog Book Tour Book Excerpt

    At 4YourFamilyStories, Caroline Pointer is always on the cutting-edge of new technology that will move our genealogy forward and make our family history work easier and more productive. After reading Caroline’s review of How to Archive Family Keepsakes I hope that you are energized and enthusiastic about your own family archive project.

    Genealogists have so many choices when it comes to technology for digitizing our family history documents that purchase decisions can be difficult to make. I am happy to answer your questions about specific models and features for the equipment mentioned here, and I know that Caroline will be joining in to share her expertise as well.  And when you leave a comment to this post you will also be entered to win one of the Family History Archive Kits offered as a Blog Book Tour Giveaway!

    Scanner Options for Genealogists and Family Historians

    As you go paperless, you’ll need tools to help convert your paper files to digital. A home office scanner is a workhorse in the paperless office. For mobile scanning (continue reading at 4YourFamilyStories). . .


    Blog Book Tour Visits Moultrie Creek Gazette: How to Read Your Ancestor Like a Book

    How to Archive Family Keepsakes Blog Book Tour Author Guest Post 

    I am delighted to welcome Denise May Levenick, The Family Curator, and author of How to Archive Family Keepsakes to the Gazette as part of her Blog Book Tour. She has brought a bit of her expertise with her to share with us here. After reading her article, stop by Moultrie Creek Books to check out my earlier interview with Denise and my review of her book.

    Moultrie Creek and The Family Curator share a love of tech gadgets, e-readers, and most especially, books! When Editor Denise Olson and I chat about blogging or family history, somehow the conversation always turns to what we’re reading and what’s waiting for us on our bookshelves.

    Inherited books bring new challenges and new information to family historians. Experienced genealogists recognize the value of noting literacy from census records and document signatures, but have you considered what you can learn about your ancestor from the choice of books in their library? (continue reading at Moultrie Greek Gazette). . .


    Blog Book Tour Giveaways
    Add your questions or comments at the Moultrie Creek Gazette post for a chance to win a free copy of How to Archive Family Keepsakes in the Blog Book Tour giveaway, or one of the other great prizes.



    Blog Book Tour Visits Genealogy Gems Podcast Blog: 7 Steps Toward a Paperless Genealogy Office

    Book Excerpt from How to Archive Family Keepsakes

    If you are buried under a mountain of genealogical clutter, take note that January is National Organizing Month and a great time to put your Family History Household in order. When Lisa and I chatted for Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 144, our conversation reminded me that we can all use a little help keeping the paper tiger under control.

    In this excerpt from my new book How to Archive Family Keepsakes we  look at  practical strategies to help you Break the Paper Habit. I hope it helps you get a start turning your paper mountain into a manageable molehill. (continue reading at Genealogy Gems Podcast Blog). . .


    Blog Book Tour Visits Geneabloggers: Meet and Greet the Author of How to Archive Family Keepsakes

    Gblogo medium

    January is National Organization Month and a great time to organize your genealogy and family history archives. To help you get started, The Family Curator Denise Levenick will be visiting fourteen genealogy and family history blogs on a Blog Book Tour January 10-26 with guest articles and excerpts from her new book, How to Archive Family Keepsakes. The complete tour schedule is available at the Archive Keepsakes Blog Book Tour Page. GeneaBloggers is pleased to be the first stop on this virtual book tour with an introduction to Denise, aka The Family Curator.

    5 Little-Known Facts about The Family Curator

    1. Unlike many genealogy blogs that get started to chronicle family history, The Family Curator blog was born as a (continue reading at Geneabloggers). . .


    How to Archive Family Keepsakes Blog Book Tour Giveaways

    Announcing Giveaways for Week One of the How to Archive Family Keepsakes Blog Book Tour

    What would a book tour be without prizes? It's easy to enter the contest, and you could win! I've teamed up with The Practical Archivist, Sally Jacobs, to offer two great archival kits and copies of my book to the lucky winners. One name will be drawn on Saturday, 19 January 2013 and a second name selected on Saturday, 26 January 2013 to win the archival kits. Runners up can win free print or digital PDF copies of my book.

    These kits are a perfect start to organizing and preserving your genealogy heirlooms. The Week 1 Giveaway Photo Kit includes an archival photo storage box and paper envelopes and sleeves to protect your precious photographs. A different kit will be offered as the Week 2 Giveaway; stay tuned for more details.

    Week 1 Giveaway

    Family Photo Kit with How to Archive Family Keepsakes print edition

    2012FASK LPK

    Archival Photo Kit

    Perfect for loose photos you've been storing in a shoebox, random drawer or bag. It's also a great place for all those single photos sent to you in letters that you have no idea what to do with. Also a perfect storage space for photos you rescued from The Chemical Sandwich of Doom. The envelopes include plenty of space to write notes, which is a great idea because seeing photos from the past always sparks memories. The shortest pencil is better than the longest memory.

    This kit includes an attractive tan box (PAT passed) that can hold prints up to 5x7" upright. You also get 25 paper envelopes that can store multiple prints AND 25 paper sleeves that hold a single photograph each. Storage for up to 1,000 photos 5x7" and smaller. Prints must be 4x6" or smaller to fit in envelopes, sleeves hold up to 5x7-inches.

    2012FASK LPKenv

    Dimensions: Box is 5.5 x 7.5 x 12" Envelopes are 4.81 x 7.25" and sleeves are 5.5 x 7.38" Colors: Box is tan, metal edges are black, envelopes are eggshell and white. Qty: 1 box + 50 envelopes.

    Week 1 Giveaway Runners-Up

    • How to Archive Family Keepsakes print edition
    • How to Archive Family Keepsakes ebook PDF edition

    It's Easy to Enter the Giveaway

    To register your name in the drawing, simply leave a comment to the Blog Tour Post hosted at one of the official tour blogs during the week. Comments posted to Host Blogs on January 10-18 will be eligible to win the Week 1 Photo Kit. Comments posted to Host Blogs on January 20-25, 2013 will be eligible to win the Week 2 Kit. Names will be collected each week from the Tour Blogs.

    Each blog tour post comment gives you one chance to win; one entry per post, please. Leave a comment at each stop on the blog tour and increase your chances of winning. The lucky winners will be announced each Saturday during the tour at The Family Curator.

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