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    In every family, someone ends up with “the stuff.” It is the goal of The Family Curator to inspire, enlighten, and encourage other family curators in their efforts to preserve and share their own family treasures.

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    A New Tale of Murder and Woe from The Real Penny Dreadful

    Penny postage lg



    "Quite unsettling."

    Mere words fail to express the sensational drama played out on the pages of Shades of the Departed, Cops and Robbers Issue. 

    Murder. Mayhem. Vice. Avarice. It's all there. Your favorite characters, ummm columnists, at their electrifying finest presented for the line-up by footnoteMaven, Editor/Publisher and leader of the gang. 

    Don't delay. Steal your free copy of Shades of the Departed today!

    This message is (strongly) endorsed by Miss Penny Dreadful, roving reporter and sensationalist scribe. 



    A Christmas Gift: Shades of the Departed Toys Issue


    Shades of the Departed: Toys

    Editor/Publisher has donned her tiara to announce the Christmas 2013 issue of Shades of the Departed Magazine: Toys. Read your free copy here and Merry Christmas to all! Thank you once again, footnoteMaven, for a wonderful holiday gift!

    P.S. Miss Penelope Dreadful's Irish cousin Dervla Dreadful has provided a most charming contribution to Toys . Clearly, spinning tales runs in the family. 

    Table Of Contents

    On The Cover Of Shades
    The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe - Editor

    Dressed To The Nines
    The Well Dressed Doll - Maureen Taylor

    Watch The Birdie
    Toys Used As Accessories In Photographic Studios - Brett Payne

    Toys, Family Stories, & Junk Piles - Caroline Pointer

    Appealing Subjects
    The Appeal of Toys - Craig Manson

    Queen Victoria’s Dolls
    Wooden and Paper - fM

    Dervla “Dare” Dreadful
    A Dreadful Adventure - A Doll’s Story

    The Healing Brush
    Use Your Imagination - Janine Smith

    An iAncestor Christmas
    All I Want For Christmas - Denise Barrett Olson

    The Toy Shop Album
    Toys In Old Photos

    Protecting An Antique Book - Denise Levenick

    The Last Picture Show
    Elijah B. Core - Children’s Portrait Specialist


    We're Puttin' on Our Shades for Golden Rule Days, Tuesday's Tip


    Miss Penelope Dreadful is pleased to endorse Golden Rule Days, the latest edition of Shades of the Departed Magazine published by footnoteMaven.


    Inside the over of this beautifully illustrated full-sepia journal, the reader will find 122 pages filled with perfectly precious photographs, handsome heirlooms, attractive artwork, persuasive prose and various verse, along with a short work presented by yours truly, Miss Penelope Dreadful.

    As readers may (or may not) know, this reporter has enjoyed weaving tales of suspense, intrigue, and near-truth for many issues of Shades of the Departed, (now available in back issues from the Publisher). These various pieces of protracted prose are inspired by Miss Maven's extensive collection of Photographs of various subjects. Miss Maven proffers the photograph and Miss Dreadful delivers the deed, er goods. 

    Our latest tale involves unraveling the story behind the old photograph, and takes into consideration the Science of Phrenology as revealed by a careful analysis of the photograph on exhibit, that of Schoolteacher Alice B. Olver. Please enjoy "Penny's Dreadful Secrets Unlocking the Clues in Old Photographs" beginning on page 18 of the current issue of Shades of the Departed Magazine. Feel free to address your compliments to Miss Dreadful ℅ the Publisher.

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