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    In every family, someone ends up with “the stuff.” It is the goal of The Family Curator to inspire, enlighten, and encourage other family curators in their efforts to preserve and share their own family treasures.

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    footnoteMaven is Talking About Many Things! Blog Book Tour Visits Shades of the Departed


    How to Archive Family Keepsakes Blog Book Tour Visits Shades of the Departed

    It's "Many Things Thursday" at Shades of the Departed online photography magazine, and Editor/Publisher footnoteMaven joins the virtual book tour today with personal insights and book highlights of particular interest to anyone caring for family history photographs. fM also shares the backstory of The Family Curator's alter ego, Miss Penelope Dreadful, and a few more tales from the Shades archives.

    Longtime fans of footnoteMaven's work with historical photographs and genealogy citation standards will be happy to see fM online again after a too-long stretch of dreadfully distracting disasters. I hope this is just the first of many more posts to light up the dark at Shades.


    from Shades of the Departed, Many Things Thursday

    Many of us find ourselves in the position of family curator. How each of us deals with that position is often the true story. Denise Levenick has a longtime interest in her family history. Stories of her maternal grandmother growing up in Colorado and Kansas nurtured that interest and a steamer trunk full of letters and photographs sparked her odyssey.

    While wandering the web one day I bumped into Denise's experiment in family history. She was writing about a transcription project for her class of high school students using her family letters. I was hooked (continue reading at Shades of the Departed). . .

    And, for a chance to win a Family History Photo Archive Kit, remember to leave a comment at today's Blog Tour post on Shades of the Departed.


    A New Penny Dreadful for Shades

    Penny newsp

    I consider myself the luckiest of magazine writers -- my assignments take me not only across the country, but across time as well! For the latest issue of Shades of the Departed digital magazine, I visited the Midwest and enjoyed a glimpse of the life in the previous century when home health care meant a live-in nurse who played softball with the family children.

    I wonder how this family fared when Wall Street Exploded September 16, 1920? Shades shares a collection of photographs from the stunning bomb explosion on Wall Street that day nearly 100 years ago. Reader and blogger Susan Bjorklund allowed footnoteMaven to reprint family photos that showcase the event in graphic detail. The tragic story, alas, is all too familiar today.

    This edition of Shades of the Departed digital magazine, "Occupations," takes a look at a question even our ancestors were asked, "And, just what is it that you do?" From barbers, to firemen, to nurses, the Shades writers have diligently researched and carefully crafted faithful accounts of the life and times of past workers. And when readers have filled their minds with new information, there's even more in the way of informative articles offering instruction in scrapbooking, photographic restoration, and research technology.

    Dear Reader, this is an issue you will NOT want to miss.

    Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, on Dressed to the Nines

    Craig Manson, on Occupation Barber

    Vicki Everhart and Cheri Hopkins, on Heritage Scrapbooking

    yours truly Miss Penelope Dreadful presents, A Dreadful Tale Year After Year

    Janine Smith, on Torn From History

    Denise Barrett Olson, on Research on the Road

    Caroline Pointer, on Researching Old Occupations

    footnoteMaven, on Wall Street Explodes

    plus A Gallery of Occupational Photographs, C.L. Hunt Jeweler and Photographer, and more

    Shades of the Departed, Occupations, is available on digital newsstands today..


    Shades of the Departed, The Mourning Issue

    The newest issue of online magazine Shades of the Departed is now available, featuring 110 pages of outstanding content from nine contributors. I am honored to be in such good company writing short fiction as Miss Penelope Dreadful.

    Editor footnoteMaven opens this issue with a beautiful farewell message to two Shades contributors, my mother Suzanne Mercy Winsor Brown and The Graveyard Rabbit Terry Thornton. Terry was the first Shades columnist and a chief instigator in The Graveyard Rabbits Association. Suzanne was a happy one-time contributor to Twice Told Tuesday in 2009 with a birthday surprise for me. Thank you, fM, for a beautiful tribute.

    This issue comes just in time for the California Family History Expo October 8-9 which will feature a live podcast by Lisa Louise Cooke highlighting Shades of the Departed. If  you can't make it to Pleasanton, you can hear the podcast on Lisa's Genealogy Gems show.


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