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    In every family, someone ends up with “the stuff.” It is the goal of The Family Curator to inspire, enlighten, and encourage other family curators in their efforts to preserve and share their own family treasures.

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    Keep Up With Your Keepsakes


    Fingerprint Your Heirlooms

    Find practical ideas and step-by-step guidance to help you care for heirlooms in How to Archive Family Keepsakes, and for a limited time recieve three free Heirloom Registry stickers to use in identifying your family treasures for future generations.

    The Family Curator has partnered with The Heirloom Registry and Family Tree Magazine for this special offer through December 31, 2012. Purchase your copy of my new book, How to Archive Family Keepsakes, from or and receive three free Registry stickers.

    Visit The Heirloom Registry to watch the video and see how the registry works.

    Learn How to Write the History of Your Heirloom, from The Family Curator.

    Read how to decide: Heirloom, Treasure, or Trash?

    For more information on this special Fingerprint Your Heirloom promotion, click here.


    Fingerprint Your Heirlooms with New Preservation Promotion

    Wouldn't it be great if family keepsakes could be marked with an ID chip like your pedigree pooch, or fingerprinted like a preschooler? We'd never have to worry about Granddad's watch becoming lost and wandering far from home. And the story of your favorite chair would always be available for the current owner to find and enjoy.

    I'm passionate about preserving family keepsakes and the stories behind the keepsakes. So I am especially excited to announce a special promotion with The Heirloom Registry and Family Tree Magazine that offers readers a sample of a terrific product designed to help keep your heirlooms from becoming orphans.

    With every purchase of my new book How to Archive Family Keepsakes made through The Heirloom Registry or Family Tree Magazine buyers will receive three permanent registry listings and registry stickers.  

    Like fingerprints or microchips, Heirloom Registry stickers and plaques provide a unique identification for almost anything. Each registry provides an individual serial number and the web address where your descendants can find The Heirloom Registry and read it's personal family history. 

    “Our promotion is called ‘Fingerprint Your Heirlooms’," says Heirloom Registry founder Dan Hiestand, "because researching family history is too often like detective work. Denise's book helps folks to organize, preserve and share family heirlooms, while our product helps to make sure the stories behind the heirlooms are saved and accessible — in effect, “fingerprinted” — for future generations. This combined effort means your descendants won’t have to play detective.”

    See how The Heirloom Registry works in this video.

    Dan and his brother Mike are founders of The Home History Book and The Heirloom Registry at Houstory Publishing. Their unique products are a perfect fit with my mission of organizing, preserving, and sharing family keepsakes.

    Last week in Heirloom, Keepsake or Trash? I wrote about our own "newest" family heirloom, Mr. Curator's childhood Pirates' Toy Chest. I've added a brass Heirloom Registry  registration plate to the inside lid of the Pirates' Toy Chest so that its story doesn't become lost in future transitions. I would probably attach a plate or sticker to the underside or back of an antique, but I think the brass plate adds to the vintage effect of the toy chest. In fact, I expect more stickers and decals will be added to the inside of the chest lid over the next several years.

    The Heirloom Registry makes it easy and affordable to write a simple history of your family treasure that will be available for future generations. Houstory is committed to maintaining records accessibility by designating a portion of every registration fee to a fund dedicated for future operation. 

    Watch The Family Curator for more ideas on sharing your heirlooms and recording their special stories.

    I am looking forward to including a completed Heirloom Registry tag on a few special keepsake gifts this holiday season. Who wouldn't love to find a documented heirloom under their Christmas tree?

    The special Fingerprint Your Heirlooms promotion runs through the end of 2012. 

    Note: I first discovered Houstory Publishing and The Heirloom Registry at the SCGS 2012 Jamboree. I was so impressed with their products that I contacted Dan and Mike to ask if they might make this sampler offer available to buyers of my book. My enthusiasm is all mine! My publisher, Family Tree Books, likes this product too and has joined with us to help package the book and Registry stickers. I think The Heirloom Registry is an innovative product that brings a together technology and family treasures. Let us know what you think! 


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