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    Meet the 2013 Student Genealogy Grant Recipient Michael Savoca

    Michael Savoca Head Shot web

    I am pleased to introduce student genealogist Michael Savoca, a junior at Kean University in Union, New Jersey, as the 2013 Suzanne Winsor Freeman Memorial Grant recipient. Michael will receive a $500 cash award and full conference registration to the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree in Burbank, California June 7-9.

    Michael has been researching his family history for over a decade, and participating in online genealogy forums and message boards for nearly as many years. His expertise in Italian and Croatian research have made him a popular volunteer online and at his local Family History Center. He has been able to travel with family to their ancestral village in Croatia and complete research in original records provided by the parish. He has also worked extensively with Italian records and assisted with the records of the Gente di Mare genealogy website. 

    In addition to researching his Italian, Croatian, Irish, German, and Hungarian roots, Michael is interested in learning more about using DNA for genealogical research and about professional archival management. He is a history major at Kean University and would like to become a Certified Genealogist.

    Michael will attend the SCGS Jamboree in Burbank June 7-9 where he will receive the award Sunday, June 9 at the SCGS Scholarship Breakfast.

    “We are so pleased to be able to partner with the Freeman Student Genealogy Grant Program to support this outstanding future genealogist,” said Paula Hinkel, Jamboree co-chair and SCGS vice president. This is the third year that SCGS has provided a conference scholarship to the recipient of the grant award.

    Past recipients of the memorial grant include Elyse Doerflinger, A.C. Ivory, and Anthony Ray. 

    Funding for the 2013 Memorial Student Grant was provided by proceeds from the sale of my new book How to Archive Family Keepsakes during the Blog Book Tour in January 2013. A big THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a book during the book tour to help fund this project supporting student genealogists. For information about donating to the grant fund, please see the SWF Grant page.

    About the Grant Program: The Suzanne Winsor Freeman Memorial Student Genealogy Grant Program was established in 2011 to help young family historians pursue their genealogy research and educational goals. In recognition of Suzanne Freeman’s enthusiasm for the nationally recognized Jamboree, the award is directed toward a student attending the SCGS Jamboree. Suzanne Winsor Freeman was the mother of genealogy blogger Denise Levenick,

    About SCGS: The Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree has partnered with the grant program each year to offer complimentary conference registration to the award recipient. The annual Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree is a premiere regional genealogy conference offering national speakers, workshops, and demonstrations.


    Genetic Genealogist Barbara (Joan) Miller Mourned

    The genealogy community is mourning the loss of a talented and generous colleague, Joan Miller, after learning of death Friday, 4 January 2013 in Calgary, Canada.

    Joan was keenly interested in applications for DNA in genealogical research, and as used her experience as a  medical research technician at the University of Calgary to further her genealogy projects. She was also an accomplished speaker and active in several genealogical societies, as well as creator and blogger of the popular Luxegen Genealogy and Family History Blog.


    2010 GeneaBloggers Welcome Bag assembly night
    (from left) Denise, George, Thomas, Joan, Reg, Amy, Suzanne.

    I had the pleasure of working with Joan for the 2010 Geneabloggers Welcome Bag project at the SCGS Jamboree. With Amy Coffin and Thomas MacEntee, we solicited and coordinated contributions to the bloggers' swag bags and met up at my home in Pasadena to pack bags for the conference. Joan's husband Reg joined in with Thomas' friend George, my mom Suzanne, and the "committee" to make quick work of the task so we could move on to a more relaxing patio dinner. Joan joined Amy for an encore of the project in 2011 with Reg's assistance once more.

    Joan's huge grin and ready Canadian wit made her a friend to all who met her. I was in awe of her skill in deftly encouraging her husband, Reg, to become a genealogist in his own right. Whether attending Jamboree, or Roots Tech where I met up with them in 2011, Joan and Reg were a team. And with their recent retirements, they were looking forward to conference-hopping in their new caravan motor home and family history searches throughout the continent.

    Reg and Joan Miller, 2011 SCGS Jamboree

    When she spoke of her home and family, Joan's voice grew warm and proud. She was especially happy to see her adult son and daughter happy with family and careers, and she enjoyed a lighter side of home life with the family cat.

    Joan will be greatly missed by all who knew her. My heartfelt condolences go out to her family and friends.

    The Obituary for Barbara (Joan) Miller is available at the Leader-Post 


    A.C. Ivory, the Skydiving Student Genealogist for Follow Friday

    Many genealogists keep a bucket list, but the top item on genealogist A.C. Ivory's list has to be unique. "For years, I've wanted to go skydiving," he says, "so ... I finally did it!" 

    Ac ivory skydive
    A.C. Ivory; photo copyright A.C. Ivory, used with permission

    A.C. brings the same persistence to genealogical research that he shows in planning and fulfilling his goal to try skydiving. Personal research, college studies, travel, and work with ProGenealogists in Salt Lake City are all part of A.C.'s life as a student genealogist since receiving the 2012 Suzanne Winsor Freeman Student Genealogy Grant

    A.C. recently sent an update on his activities --

    It was such a great honor and surprise to receive the Suzanne Winsor Freeman Student Genealogy Grant this past June at the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree. I am fortunate enough to have met Denise's mother, Suzanne, at the Jamboree in 2010 and hear of her love and passion for genealogy. Denise has set up a wonderful grant for students like me and Elyse to expand our education and love for genealogy.
    Over the last few months after receiving the grant I continued to work at ProGenealogists,'s official research firm and expand my knowledge and skills in genealogy. The genealogy grant has given me the opportunity to purchase new genealogy research books, a paid subscription to Dropbox where I can store all of my genealogy files and access them anywhere, and to pay for another year's subscription to Weeby Pro. Weebly is the service I use to create my family's genealogy websites.
    I have built a few family websites where I can create custom pages to share my family history with the world. Although they are not anywhere complete, go ahead and check them out for yourselves.


    What does to future hold for me? Ever since returning home from an LDS Mission in Canada I have wanted to pursue a career in the genealogy field. I have worked very hard the past four years learning everything I can about  genealogy research and new technology for genealogy, and attending genealogy conferences to learn and network with other genealogists. I am currently attending the University of Utah for a degree in Mass Communications with and emphasis in New Media. Although this degree does not exactly fit with genealogy, I am confident that it will help me pursue my goals to work in whatever way I can in the genealogy field. 
    I am currently a professional genealogist at ProGenealogists and am continually learning more about genealogy research. Whether I continue to work as a researcher or spread to other areas in genealogy, I look forward to expanding my network with the genealogy community and helping others learn how to research their own families.



    The Suzanne Winsor Freeman Student Genealogy Grant has been awarded to three student genealogists since being founded in 2010. The goal of the program is to assist young genealogists in the pursuit of genealogy education and experience. The 2012 grant was presented to A.C. Ivory and Elyse Doerflinger at the SCGS Jamboree in Burbank, California; the 2011 recipient was Anthony Ray of Lancaster, California.

    Keep up with A.C. :

    AC Ivory Blog

    AC on FaceBook – ac.ivory

    AC on Twitter -- @acivory


    Genealogy Grant Winner "Gets Archiving"


    Elyse Doerflinger

    If you follow Elyse Doerflinger of Elyse's Genealogy Blog at her blog, on Facebook, or Twitter, you know that this winner of the 2012 Suzanne Winsor Freeman Student Genealogy Grant is a very busy young woman. Not only is she a full-time teacher, Elyse is also finishing her credential program at a local university, researching her family tree, speaking at genealogy societies, and planning a June wedding. So, what does she do in her free time?

    Elyse recently sent us an update on her activities --

    Elyse, in action, at a recent genealogy event

    When I was awarded the Suzanne Winsor Freeman Student Genalogy Grant at Southern California Genealogy Society’s Jamboree conference, I was so excited and completely surprised. After taking countless pictures, drying my happy tears, and letting the reality of having $500 to spend on my genealogy truly sink in, my brain was going crazy with all the opportunities of what to do with the money.

    To be honest, it took me awhile to figure out what I really wanted to do with the money.  I explored buying books or webinars, or joining a genealogy society.   I thought about renting all the microfilm that has been on my “to rent” list.  I spent hours in Best Buy considering new tech tools that I could buy.  In the end, I couldn’t decide on one thing to spend the money on.  So I decided to do a little bit of everything.

    My first bout of inspiration hit when I was sitting in front my of my closet that holds all of my family photos, artifacts,and important documents.  Frankly, the closet was an unorganized mess in old boxes.  Nothing was properly labeled or cared for, and it was really hard to get to boxes on the bottom.  Inspiration hit: organize the closet and all of the stuff within it.

    I found the best boxes to use while walking around Ikea.  I brought home two different size boxes. Then I went online and bought some archival quality photo sleeves from Light Impressions. I’ve been organizing the photos in small batches as my busy schedule allows, and truly taking the time to enjoy the experience.  I often notice something new on the old ancestral photos and if it hasn’t been scanned yet, then I pull out my Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner.

    On top of my big photo organization task, I’ve been slowly tackling my giant “microfilm to rent” list. I’ve spent a lot of time at the family history center, scrolling through microfilm for my ancestors. I’ve even been trying to tackle some of my ancestors from across the pond - particularly with my very intimidating German ancestors.

    What does the future hold for me?  Although I’m not planning on pursuing genealogy as a full-time profession (I’m studying to be an elementary school teacher), genealogy will always play a huge role in my life.  Speaking and writing about genealogy and technology is a huge passion of mine and something I will definitely continue to do.  I’m not sure where my genealogy addiction will take me, but I know it will be one amazing journey. 

    The Suzanne Winsor Freeman Student Genealogy Grant has been awarded to three student genealogists since being founded in 2010. The goal of the program is to assist young genealogists in the pursuit of genealogy education and experience. The 2012 grant was presented to A.C. Ivory and Elyse Doerflinger at the SCGS Jamboree in Burbank, California; the 2011 recipient was Anthony Ray of Lancaster, California.

    P.S - I'm more than a little happy to see that Elyse used some of the grant funds to purchase archival storage containers for her family history treasures! And I'm glad she is finding helpful preservation tips in my new book, How to Archive Family Keepsakes.



    #scgs12 Forecast: Hazy Mornings...

    IMG 0152

    …clearing to afternoon sun and breezes.Warm temperatures in the mid-to high-70s Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Mostly sunny and pleasant. Any June Gloom hazy mornings will burn off to sunny days. Night time lows in the mid-to-high 50's; light sweater weather.

    Expect great weather this weekend for the SCGS Jamboree in Burbank, California.

    We woke this morning to our typical May Grey/June Gloom; here's the shot from 8am out my kitchen window --

    IMG 0151

    By 11:30 am the sun was starting to show through, and by high noon I was able to snap the photo at the top of the page. Beautiful blue skies and light breezes. It's perfect for shorts, sandals and a short-sleeved shirt. By evening, it will feel chilly (to us Angelenos) so I'll pull on a light cotton sweater.

    Pack your bags and join us for Jamboree. The Marriott has a great pool, so remember to bring your suit and flip-flops!

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