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    Learn Genealogy Skills from Home: Family Tree Univ. Fall Virtual Conference

    Would you like to advance your genealogy education without the fuss and expense of travel? Wouldn't it be great if you could pop in and out of conference sessions between kids' soccer games, social commitments, and lunch with a friend?

    If you think so, I hope you will join me, Lisa Alzo, James Beidler, Lisa Louise Cooke, Rick Crume, Thomas MacEntee, Gena Philibert Ortega, and Diana Crisman Smith September 14-16 for the Fall 2012 Virtual Genealogy Conference presented by Family Tree University.

    15 View-Anytime Videos

    The seasonal FTU Virtual Conference presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in genealogy instruction, live chats, and message board discussions all via the internet. The Fall Course features 15 instructional videos in three tracks: genealogy technology, ethnic research, and research strategies. 

    I will be presenting two pre-recorded sessions on moving your genealogy research and keepsakes into the digital age:

    Scanning Secrets: Tips and Tricks for scanning photos, documents and ephemera

    Paperless Pedigrees: Organizing Your Genealogy Electronically

    Video sessions may be viewed at any time during the three-day conference, and are also available to download. 

    Live Chat Sessions

    Scheduled live chats provide an opportunity to ask questions and broaden your understanding of topics and strategies; message boards offer a forum for ongoing discussion.

    Choosing a Cloud Genealogy Program

    Best Genealogy Tablet Apps

    Discussing Source Documentation

    Researching Courthouse Records

    Sunday Brunch Free-for-All

    Share Your Stumpers: Ideas for Your Brick-Wall Problems

    Learn more about the Family Tree University Fall 2012 Virtual Genealogy Conference here.

    SAVE $50 Until Wednesday Nite

    A special two-day promotion saves you $50 off the regular $199 Registration price when you use the coupon code FTUNEWSVC at checkout. This offer expires 11:59pm, Wednesday 15 August 2012.

    Registration includes an All-Access Pass for the three day conference and a "swag bag" of goodies from Family Tree. 

    I hope to see you September 14-16 at the Family Tree University Fall 2012 Virtual Genealogy Conference.

    Disclosure: I am a contributing author to Family Tree Magazine and a presenter at the Fall 2012  Virtual Genealogy Conference. I receive a small affiliate fee when you click through and register from this blog. See About: Disclosures for more information.


    GRIP Day Two: Getting Into the Groove

    It sounds rather dull to say we are setting into a routine here at GRIP, so instead I'll suggest that we are moving toward Genealogy Zen. We wake, we eat, we listen, talk, and think genealogy. We move from dorm room, to classroom, to cafeteria, back and forth and KGEN plays continually on the radio without interruption.  

    Today the Intermediate class heard sessions on citing sources and finding information through NUCMUC, NARA, and JSTOR, with a two-hour after-dinner presentation on using Google Earth and map overlays for genealogy projects. Paula and Josh have so many tips and tricks for effective searches and little-known repositories that I'm keeping a running ToDo List for my own research.

    Collaboration is clearly a keyword this week, and hearing ideas from classmates points out the experience and expertise of so many researchers. The trick is connecting and sharing so we can help one another. Paula made a good case in class for enlisting help and hiring local researchers to expedite a project or as guides to help you become acclimated in a new repository or locality. I had never thought about it before, but it really makes a lot of sense to seek out an expert at times.

    Genealogy bloggers tend to read about each others interests and specialities on their blogs making it fairly easy to connect online, but it takes just a bit of conversation to figure out the same information in person. 

    The Getting a GRIP daily newsletter listed attendees from 28 states and Italy. Just imagine the wealth of experience --

    Pennsylvania: 26

    Ohio: 17

    Maryland: 10

    Virginia: 7

    New York: 6

    New Jersey, West Virginia: 5 each

    California: 4

    Colorado, Minnesota, Washington: 3 each

    Maine, Michigan: 2 each

    One each from: Italy, Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin

    Tomorrow the Intermediate course moves on to Land and Tax Records, Court Records, Military Records, and Research in "New" Localities. It promises to be a long and interesting day concluding after dinner with a two hour session on Pennsylvania Research. 

    Time for Lights Out!


    Off to GRIP for Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh

    One Week of Genealogy Education

    In just a few days I will be headed east for five days of intensive genealogy education at the GRIP Institute in Pittsburgh. Although I've attended national and local conferences, this is my first Institute and I'm a bit unsure what I need to bring along. . .

    Sheri Fenley will tell me to bring shoes, of course. Midge Frazel would probably recommend an organized contingent of e-devices. And I am thinking that footnoteMaven would insist on chocolate.

    Right now I'm working on transportation. I have to get from the airport out to the college, and since it sounds like the schedule is full enough that I won't have time to miss a car, I'm working out ground transportation.

    My real quandary is just how much personal research materials I need to bring along. I'm in the midst of a giant scanning project, so things are in a bit of an uproar around here with archival boxes, folders, and photo sleeves. And, in moving from a PC to Mac my entire system went through an upheaval that still hasn't settled.

    I am registered for the Intermediate Genealogy course which is coordinated by Paula Stuart-Warren with Josh Taylor as instructor. My research has been in a bit of a sad slump since my mom passed away two summers ago, and I hope a week of GRIP genealogy will light a fire to get me moving forward once again. It's time to find Mom's Winsor ancestors and finish that DAR application!

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