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    In every family, someone ends up with “the stuff.” It is the goal of The Family Curator to inspire, enlighten, and encourage other family curators in their efforts to preserve and share their own family treasures.

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    Treasure Found! A Clue to Military Service in Vacation Photographs


    "Boys and Wives Reunion"

    The Magic Cupboard hasn't lost it's sparkle, and once again revealed a wonderful surprise for the Treasure Hunt Challenge. Usually I find treasures from my maternal grandmother, Arline Kinsel, but this cupboard held memories from my father's side of the family. First, I came across a vacation photo album from my paternal grandparents. My school-teacher grandmother was meticulous in all things, and her photos are carefully labeled with subject, date, and place along the white border of the snapshot. It's a good reminder of an easy way to identify photos, and probably a reason to return to the old-fashioned border prints instead of the more common borderless style.


    At the back of The Magic Cupboard I found a companion treasure -- a little six-ring notebook with my grandmother's Bible Study notes and a packet of loose pages from another memo book. Those loose pages were a travel tournal for trips in 1962 and 1964, corresponding to the dates and photos in the album. Now, that's a Treasure.

    On June 8, 1964 she writes
    Left home 5:00 -- sprinkles -- fog. Victorvile at 7:00 for breakfast. Lunch under trees before Kingman at high noon. Williams 3:45. Arrived in Canyon by 4:00. Mix up in reservation. 45' tie up. Have a nice cabin. Had chicken etc. in room. Out for walk. Wind about us off path so headed for warm cabin. 551 miles.

    She also kept an expense log at the back of the packet of notes, and itemized her expenses for that first day

    Mon 6/8/64
    Breakfast Victorville $1.46
    Tip .15
    Gas- Barstow 3.91
    Gas - Needles 3.70
    Gas - Williams 4.93
    Grand Canyon 10.30
    Cards .10
    Fountain drinks .46

    From the Grand Canyon, Walter and Edna traveled through Durango, Colorado to a reunion in Eagle, Nebraska.


    As I looked at the photographs, initially I thought the men and women, "Boys and Wives," were gathered for a family reunion; fortunately, the notes identify the photo of men and women in the photo with the 314 Supply Train, Co. E, 89 Div. This must be my grandfather's WWI Army unit. Tucked behind one photo of men taken in 1964, I found a second photo of the same group taken in 1963. What unexpected clues to my grandfather's military service.


    "314 Supply Train, Co. E, 89 Div, Reunion"

    The return trip brought them through Torrington, Wyoming and Grand Junction, Colorado before arriving home in Santa Ana, California on June 25.


    Edna noted that they drove 3,950 miles spending $244.32.

    The website, Flashback 1964! highlights the tunes, the tv shows, and the trends of the year. What fun to think that as my grandparents were cruising west in their Plymouth four-door sedan they might have been listening to the Supremes croon "Baby Love" or The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night," although they were much more likely to be listening to the news or the Billy Graham radio hour. Gas was 25 cents a gallon and they could fill the tank of the Plymouth for $4.93. This year, I paid nearly $5.00 for ONE GALLON of gas. Of course, in 1964 the average yearly salary in the United States was $6,080 but those do seem like "the good old days."


    Treasure Hunters Round-Up

    Weigh anchor, mateys, we're sailin' to find buried treasure under the banner of the Show and Tell Family Treasure Challenge, courtesy of fair footnoteMaven.

    And shiver me timbers, I sure am glad to have company on this voyage to find the buried treasures in me own Magic Cupboard. It's a terrible task to take on without a tip-top crew at yer side.

    Here's a sneak peek at the treasure maps brought to the Challenge by our brave blogging buccaneers. Don't be shy about cheering them on! They will be posting about their treasures throughout the month – deadline October 20 – when we will have a Treasure Round-Up.

    Blogging Buccaneers, The Treasure Hunters

    • FootnoteMaven writes in "Treasure Hunt! A Challenge for Genea-Bloggers" that she has already found "something" in her closet of treasures, but she's not telling about it yet! It has been carefully wrapped in archival tissue and stored away to be found another day. I can hardly wait to read about this Treasure.
    • Treasures of a personal kind are in the mind of Midge Frazel in her post "Photo Challenge" at Granite in My Blood. Midge has made a comprehensive plan to organize, scan, and archive for her collection of family photographs, something that is probably at the top of a lot of To Do Lists.
    • Wendy Littrell at All My Branches writes about her plan to examine a box of property deeds and land transactions in "Searching for Buried Treasure." She is even hoping to find photos or satellite images of the property. I like her idea of "virtual" visits to our ancestors' homes; it sounds like a great addition to a family story.
    • JulieMc in "Looking for Buried Treasure" at Gen Blog has put together a very timely plan to explore a box of stock certificates from her grandmother and great grandmother; let's keep our fingers crossed that those companies are still on Wall Street for a few weeks. Wouldn't it be a real Treasure if those pieces of paper are still active?
    • The green-eyed monster peeked out when I saw the photos of Linda Stienstra's genealogy room in her post "My Treasure Chest Overfloweth" on From Axer to Ziegler. It has to be the family historian/genealogist dream-come-true. An entire room for research materials! In all those lovely shelves and drawers, Linda still has a box of "stuff" to explore; I can't wait to see what she finds and hopefully discover the secret to becoming more organized.
    • Becky Wiseman has a real mystery for this challenge. Just look at the photo on "Seeking Hidden Treasures" at kinexxions. It is a moving box, marked with her name and the every-mysterious "cards, letters, misc." How can she wait at all? It could be anything! We are looking forward to hearing all about it.
    • The Family Curator has a plan, too, in "Treasure Map to the Magic Cupboard," but mostly she just looks at the "stuff" and shakes her head. What will it take to move that mountain of paper? She wasn't even brave enough to photograph the cupboard with the doors open. Tsk, tsk.

    I hope you will join the Treasure Hunters on their voyage and cheer them on in their endeavors. Thanks one and all, for taking up the Challenge, and a special thanks to footnoteMaven for our very own "Jolly Roger" flag. Good luck hunters.


    Treasure Maps Ahoy!

    Thank you to all those bloggers who have accepted the Treasure Hunt Challenge. I'm building the blogroll of participants and will have it posted by October 2. You can still let me know you have accepted the challenge, either by emailing me a link to your blog or leaving a comment here before the stroke of midnight, tonight.


    Treasure Hunt Challenge Reminder

    It's not too late to join the Treasure Hunt Challenge. You have until Tuesday, Sept 30 to post your plan on your blog and send me a link:

    Post your Plan/Treasure Map to your blog on or before Sept 30, 2008 AND send me an email (dmlevenick via gmail dot com) with a link to your blog. Write Treasure Map in the subject line. A list of bloggers who have accepted the challenge will be posted at The Family Curator.
    Check out the original Challenge posting for more details.

    (my apologies about the missing email address; I have added it above 9/30-dml).


    Treasure Map to The Magic Cupboard

    In the spirit of all dedicated treasure hunters, and to accept the Treasure Hunt Challenge myself, I've been working up a map to find the goodies buried deep inside my Magic Cupboard. There are actually five cupboards just like the one pictured here, and each one has served as a storage space for pictures and mementos for over thirty years. It hasn't helped that furniture lives in front of the cabinets making them a bit difficult to access, but the last round of natural disasters reminded me that it would be nigh impossible to rescue the contents of all five cupboards. Clearly, some decisions need to be made, some organizing done.

    1. Destination -- #1 Cupboard (pictured here). It's the easiest to get to and probably filled with the most eclectic assortment of stuff.
    2. The Map -- I think I will find boxes of snapshots from my sons' early years and since I was fairly good about photo albums then, many of these are duplicates. I would like to sort the photos and pass them along to the boys. I am on the lookout for pictures of pets, birthday parties, and holidays to assemble specific albums. And, I really want to find a few wonderful pictures to use for an upcoming special birthday. I know I saved old newspapers (earthquakes, war, elections) too but don't have any idea why I should continue to keep them as they are just turning dry and yellow. Maybe these could just be combined in an archival box and tucked away again (sigh), or maybe I should just toss them out. Can't we access these on the internet now?
    3. Timeline -- Next weekend there is nothing on the calendar and I'm making a date with myself to start digging.
    I've been hearing of other treasure hunters assembling their tools, and can't wait to learn what they find. It's not too late to accept the challenge to clear out a box or cupboard and go treasure hunting. Read about the Treasure Hunt Challenge here and post your own map (plan) before Sept 30; then go hunting and let us know what you find.

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