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    In every family, someone ends up with “the stuff.” It is the goal of The Family Curator to inspire, enlighten, and encourage other family curators in their efforts to preserve and share their own family treasures.

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    Celebrating Seven Years of Blogging at The Family Curator


    It's hard to believe that The Family Curator is celebrating another blogiversary. When I wrote my first post back in 2007 for The Family Curator, I was teaching English at a girls Catholic High School and trying to figure out how to deal with the varied remains of my family legacy -- a steamer trunk filled with paper and random bits of life.

    Fast forward to 2014, and the documents, photos, and letters have been scanned and preserved in archival storage boxes. The Family Curator Blog has matured, and my teaching career has expanded to include family historians. In the spirit of my favorite teachers, I'd like to note a few things I've learned from my very generous mentors:

    Everything I Know About Family History I Learned from the Genealogists Who Came Before Me

    1. Sharing Never Diminishes Knowledge, It Allows It to Expand

    It's true. Holding tight to family photos and information may seem at times to be the prudent thing to do, yet it's only by sharing and allowing others to make connections or supply missing information that our own knowledge can grow, hurdle brick-walls, and move into new generations. 

    2. Encouragement is Under-Rated

    It costs nothing but a few minutes of time to send a positive email or affirmative message, and we don't do it often enough. I am immeasurably grateful to those bloggers who took time to let me know in my early blogging days I was doing something that might be worthwhile. Their encouragement is a gift worth passing on.

    3. Conferences and Institutes are About More than Meetings

    I finally figured out that conferences aren't all about the lectures. They're about the lunchroom, the blogger's table, and the after-hours meet-ups too. And if you need a lesson on this true-ism, ask any GeneaBlogger.

    4. Blogging Begins at Home, and Never Really Ends

    Many family historians begin blogs, but it takes dedication and creativity to write day after day, week after week. I tip my hat to bloggers who maintain the pace and continue to share outstanding content and inspiration.

    5. Content is King

    Good writing about a compelling subject will always trump chatter and chaff. When I started blogging seven years ago, the number of active bloggers was actually quite small. Since that time, hundreds of genealogists have started blogs and websites, and wonderfully some have become new classics in the genea-blogosphere. 

    I can't imagine what the next seven years will hold, but I look forward to the adventure. Genealogy is definitely an E Ticket ride. Thanks for spending time with me at The Family Curator. Here's to another year of sharing research, stories, and new ideas.


    A Blog Birthday to Celebrate! Now I Am Six!

    May denise 1959 bday

    Put another candle on the birthday cake. . .

    It's hard to believe that The Family Curator is SIX this year! Was it only six years ago that I began reading Arlne's mail and fussing with old photographs? It feels like they've been part of my life forever, but have to remind myself that I didn't inherit her keepsakes until the turn of the century (this century!). 

    It was about 2000 when Arline's steamer trunk of keepsakes passed from my Aunt's care to my Mom. Auntie wanted the trunk, so Mom got the contents in cardboard boxes, and that's how the letters, photos, and all the other stuff came to me.

    The rest, as they say, is history. Which nudges me to make a few notes on the

    The History of The Family Curator Blog

    4 July 2007 -- Inspired by Thoreau selecting Independence Day as the jumping-off point for his time at Walden Pond,  I launch The Family Curator blog on 4 July 2007. Create Reading Women's Lives, high school English unit for my upper-division students using letters, documents, and photos from the Arline Allen Kinsel Papers. Begin an online journal (web-log) on Blogger to record my efforts. I discover I like blogging.

    4 July 2008 -- footnoteMaven features my classroom experience "Reading Women's Lives" at Shades of the Departed online photo magazine. My mom joins me in the search for Arline's story. I start to explore the world of FaceBook.

    2009 -- I enjoy meeting genealogy bloggers in real-time at conferences and seminars throughout the year. My new status as "retired teacher" gives me more time to blog and work with Arline's archive. The Family Curator changes blogging platforms and design moving to SquareSpace.

    2010 -- An exciting year when The Family Curator is named one of Family Tree Magazine's Top 40 Blogs. Arline's letters and photos are scanned, filed, and researched. The bottom falls off the world when my mom becomes ill, and passes away in August; my genealogy buddy is gone. 

    2011 -- Blogging is slow, but geneablogging friends are a great support this year. The Family Curator is honored to be included in the Top 40 Blogs, and a new project is in the works, a book about working with family archives. Twilter explodes; The Family Curator is there.

    2012 -- Writing, writing, writing. How to Archive Family Keepsakes, F+W Media is published. Blog redesign and update; still on SquareSpace. Now we have to track Pinterest, Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Whew!

    2013 -- So far this year, Blog Book Tour for my new book. Speaking, writing, and having a great time doing what I love -- writing about family history and family keepsakes. Stay tuned for more new projects!


    And Now We Are Five! It's My Blogiversary

    This has been a year of Firsts for The Family Curator!

    Whew! Reality check --

    • First fractured elbow -- with book deadline looming I did a lot of one-handed typing
    • First major SoCal wind storm and power outage
    • First California grand baby born

    It's also been a year for some of my all-time favorite blog posts --

    And, of course, it's been a wonderful year for meeting new genealogy friends online and face-to-face, and for keeping up with old friends wherever they are. Some people think that blogging is a solitary activity, but clearly those folks don't know the genealogy blogosphere.

    Thanks for spending time with me at The Family Curator. Here's to another year of sharing research, stories, and ideas.

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