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    In every family, someone ends up with “the stuff.” It is the goal of The Family Curator to inspire, enlighten, and encourage other family curators in their efforts to preserve and share their own family treasures.

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    50 Best Blogs for Genealogy Geeks

    OnlineUniversities has released its list of the 50 Best Blogs for Genealogy Geeks, and The Family Curator is named in the News category. It's an honor to be recognized with many of my favorite bloggers and to know that we are all working together to encourage online connections between family historians.

    OnlineUniversities list includes the following categories: General, Specific Research Projects, Libraries and Resources, and News. As a provider of news content and infomational features, The Family Curator was named in the News division.

    I am pleased to see some new names in the list, along with old favorites, particularly in the General and Research Projects categories, and the list has helped me find several new blogs to add to my reader. Thank you Online Universities for the shout-out!


    Family Curator Named to My Heritage Top 100

    Thank you for including The Family Curator as one of your Top 100 Genealogy Sites for 2010. It is an honor to be named with so many of my blogging colleagues.

    Of course, like many others, The Family Curator was inspired, coached, and supported by those "cornerstone blogs" that are TOP in any list of genealogy blogs such as DearMyrtle, footnoteMaven, Genea-Musings, Shades of the Departed, The Educated Genealogist, The Genealogue, We Tree, What's Past is Prologue (to name but a few).

    In turn, I hope that The Family Curator inspires, coaches, and supports your family history efforts. Top 100 Genealogy Sites

    Above the Trees


    Ancestors Live Here

    Anglo-Celtic Connections

    Apple’s Tree

    Arlene Eakle’s Genealogy Blog

    Bayside Blog

    Before my Time

    Betty’s Boneyard Genealogy Blog

    Brenda Dougall Merriman

    British Genealogy

    Census Finder

    Census Tools


    Creative Gene

    Crowe’s Nest

    Cruwys News

    Destination: Austin Family

    Documenting the Details

    Donna’s Genealogy Blog

    Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories

    Elyse’s Genealogy Blog


    Family, Friends and Neighbors

    Family Oral History Using Digital Tools

    Family Research

    Find My Ancestors

    Find Your Folks


    Free Genealogy Tools

    From Wilno to Worcester

    Gena’s Genealogy



    Genealogy Blog

    Genealogy Canada

    Genealogy Gems

    Genealogy Guide

    Genealogy Lines

    Genealogy in New South Wales

    Genealogy is Ruthless Without Me

    Genealogy Reviews Online

    Genealogy Star

    Genealogy Tip of the Day




    Greta’s Genealogy Blog

    Gus’s Genealogy Blog

    Henthorn Genealogy News

    Jessica’s Genejournal


    Kick-Ass Genealogy


    Lessons from my Ancestors

    Life from the Roots

    Little Bytes of Life

    Mad About Genealogy

    Midwestern Microhistory

    Moultrie Creek

    New England Genealogy

    Nutfield Genealogy

    Olive Tree Genealogy Blog


    Patten Project

    Paula’s Genealogical Eclectica

    Practical Archivist

    Renee’s Genealogy Blog

    Roots ‘n’ Leaves


    Scottish Genealogy News and Events

    SephardicGen Resources

    Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

    Shoestring Genealogy

    Small-Leaved Shamrock

    Smoky Mountain Family Historian

    Special Collections and Family History

    Staats Place

    Steve’s Genealogy Blog

    St. Vincent Memories

    Taneya’s Genealogy Blog

    The Accidental Genealogist

    The Armchair Genealogist

    The Association of Graveyard Rabbits

    The Chart Chick

    The Cobbold Family History Trust

    The Family Curator

    The Genetic Genealogist


    The Slovak Yankee

    The St. Leon Family


    TJLGenes: Preserving Our Family History


    Twigs of Yore

    Upstate New York Genealogy Blog

    Wandering Genealogist

    Walking the Berkshires

    West in New England

    Zalewski Family Genealogy


    Moved to be Ancestor Approved

    Thank you kindly, MountainGenealogy for presenting me with the Ancestor Approved Award. I did a little digging (ie. “googling”) and discovered that the award was initiated by Leslie Ann Ballou at Ancestors Live Here just a few days ago, 29 March 2010 to recognize blogs she appreciated and enjoyed. I have been reading Leslie Ann's blog for a while now, and it's great to see new bloggers jumping into the genealogy blogosphere with both feet.

    The Ancestor Approved Award asks that the recipient list ten things you have learned about any of your ancestors that has surprised, humbled, or enlighted you and pass the award along to ten other bloggers who you feel are doing their ancestors proud.

     Here's my Top Ten List

    1. Surprised to learn that  my mother's birth name was changed to her present name when she was 22 years old.
    2. Surprised to realize Great Aunt Mercy's family tree is more right than wrong.
    3. Surprised to discover my grandmother loved candy, so does my mom!
    4. Humbled by Walter G. May's service in World War I.
    5. Humbled by the Eliphaz and Minnie Kinsel's gritty determination to improve their fortune.
    6. Humbled by Arline Kinsel's religious quest.
    7. Humbled by how well my ancestors did with so little.
    8. Enlightened by Mercy's genealogy research.
    9. Enlightened to learn that Arline was a Harvey House girl
    10. Enlightened by all my ancestors efforts to pave the way to the future.

    Passing on the Ancestor Approved Award to


    The Proximadade Award

    Graças a Msteri and footnoteMaven for nominating The Family Curator for The Proximadade Award.

    Proximidade (from the Portuguese)

    proximity, nearness, imminence, neighborhood, vicinity

    This honor seems to be quite international, having been bestowed throughout blogdom on scrapbookers, blogging moms, and other creative types. Now it is making the rounds of genea-bloggers, and in my turn, I hereby nominate the following:

    Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Spellbound Blog, writing about archiving, digitizing, information, and a host of topics that are always timely and interesting.

    Thomas MacEntee, Destination Austin Family, the go-to-guy for recipes, tech questions, crafts, and a good tale. Definitely, a Destination Blog.

    Linda Stienstra, From Axer to Ziegler, a past Californian with non-stop adventures wherever she roams.

    Lori Thornton, Smoky Mountain Family Historian, gathering local and family history for her thoughtful articles; and she's been at it since 2004!

    Dawn Thurston, Memoir Mentor, inspiring and encouraging family history writers, and providing an outlet for their writing.

    Becky Wiseman, Kinexxions, blogger extraordinaire sharing stories and photos that make me smile, laugh, and cry. Her goal-setting is nothing short of inspirational.

    Back-at-You Msteri, Heritage Happens, because yes, "heritage happens" in the little everyday things of life, and I love the way you let your readers glimpse a Real Person behind the blogger.

    And footnoteMaven, one of the original hostess-with-the-mostest of the blog-neighborhood coffee klatch.

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