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    My Kind of Athletics -- The Genea-Blogger Games

    What excitement! Opening Ceremonies tomorrow at Noon. Competitors from around the globe preparing for their events. Media converging at the playing fields (note Thomas Mac Entee of Destination:Austin to be featured on Angies List®). I'm talking about the Genea-Bloggers Group Games, although former state championship swimmer Katie Libardi Levenick (my daughter-in-law) is really looking forward the the athletic rendition of the Summer Olympics.

    Katie kindly helped me overcome my Facebook angst so that I could join up and participate in the Games. She is certain that my students will find me on Facebook, and might even want to be my Friend.

    I would have loved viewing the proposed (and rejected) Top Ten Genea-Blogger Group Games That Were Cut by the Olympic Committee, but "maybe next year." Looks like the competition will be tough enough in this inaugural year.

    As required by the Games Committee, herein is my Entrance Registration:

    Name: Denise Levenick
    Blog: The Family Curator
    Country of Origin: USA
    Hometown: Los Angeles, California


    1 - Cite Your Sources (intermediate)
    2 - Back Up Your Data (novice level)
    3 - Organize Your Research (Go for the Platinum!)
    4 - Write - (push that pen)
    5 - Reach Out - (all the way)

    It is always exciting to be in on the beginning of something even if you aren't as highly trained as you might like to be for competition. Remember -- it's the spirit, it's the spirit. I plan to compete in all divisions, although I'm travelling for some of the time -- on a little family history trip, no less. I'll be posting about where I'm going and inviting look-up requests (Division 5) soon. I'm aiming to finish all Events in at least one division, and to show in the others. The Committee did a great job selecting the Events -- I think they could be a TTBD (Things To Be Done) for the corkboard.


    Let the Games Begin!

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