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    Tagged by The Chart Chick

    Photo by Paul Moody, used under license by Creative Commons

    Tag is always so much fun in the waning sunshine of Autumn. If you play late enough in the evening it becomes Flashlight Tag... much more fun if the players are coed. Thanks for tagging me for this Memory Meme, Janet, The Chart Chick. It's much more fun to play then be left in the Mushpot.

    Ten Years Ago (in 1998) I --

    1. was in my second year of teaching high school English
    2. working on my graduate degree in American Literature
    3. knitting socks for stress relief
    4. celebrating my son's 20th birthday
    5. cleaning up the basement
    Five Things on My ToDo List --
    1. clean up the basement
    2. clean up the garage
    3. clean out the closets
    4. get organized (do you see a theme here?)
    5. read War and Peace
    Five Snacks I Enjoy
    1. apples, oh hurray for autumn
    2. beef jerky
    3. cheese and crackers
    4. chips and salsa
    5. hot buttered popcorn
    Five Places I've Lived
    1. Orange County, California (not Laguna Beach)
    2. Malibu, California (much better than Laguna)
    3. Santa Barbara, California (even better!)
    4. Pasadena, California
    5. Moscow, Idaho
    Five Jobs I've Held
    1. newspaper sports writer, now that was a fun job!
    2. society page photographer
    3. technical editor
    4. publications editor
    5. English teacher
    Five Blogs I Tag -- "You're 'It'"
    1. Linda Steinstra at From Axer to Ziegler
    2. Lori Thornton, The Family Historian
    3. Miriam Midkiff, at AnceStories
    4. M. Diane Rogers, at CanadaGenealogy
    5. Lisa at Small-Leaved Shamrock
    This has been a great little meme, fast and fun. I only wish I had time to write longer lists a la Terry Thornton over at Hill Country of Monroe County. Terry's descriptions are always a delight, and this post is no exception.

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